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Marriage and Family Therapist

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How I Work

Eve Athey RayI strongly believe that each person that I work with, each couple, each family, is unique and different from any I’ve seen before. And because they’re each unique, their problems and the source of those problems are unique as well. If you ask most therapists, they’ll tell you that they use an analytical model when they treat their patients, or Family Systems, a cognitive approach, or some other technique. To me, they’re cheating their patients. I firmly resist the one-size-fits-all method of working with my patients. What I do is form a human-to-human connection with you, and then you and I forge a working relationship, a partnership, where I make sure that you’re always comfortable but committed to the work we do together to make your life work better for you... in every way. I use traditional talk-therapy, as well as relaxation exercises, guided imagery, role playing, family history, philosophy... whatever is appropriate for each person or couple or family at a given moment.

What’s at the core of psychotherapy is the human connection between you and your therapist.
Do you trust your therapist? Do you like your therapist? Believe in your therapist? Are you willing to explore your deeper, darker issues with your therapist, confident that your therapist is always there for you, always on your side, guiding you, inspiring you, motivating you, pulling for you to heal, and to grow, and to become the best person that you can be. These are the values that are important to me as a therapist and as a human being. These are the values I always strive to share with my patients.

The Moment is the Seed You Plant From Which Tomorrow Will Grow "We can’t begin to thank you enough for all your help over the years. Even though you were just doing your job, we felt that you were always genuinely concerned for our well-being. Our relationship that we feared was over, feels like it’s just beginning, with real excitement, love, and great communication. We are confident about our future! "
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